Cricket Betting at Parimatch

As cricket is the most popular sport in India, Parimatch has ensured that bettors can enjoy cricket betting to the fullest. While there are many sports on Parimatch on which you can bet on, the operator has given special attention to cricket.

While many sports betting service providers are available on the internet, you should always wager your money on reputed and secured betting platforms. Parimatch is one of the best sports betting operators, which is popular for providing a secure and advanced sports betting platform to the users. Let’s know more about this amazing betting platform.

An Overview about Parimatch

If you haven’t heard about this reputable operator, there is a reason behind it. Let us tell you that it is a Ukrainian brand and started serving punters and bettors in 1994 and entered the Russian market in 1998. After achieving success in their native country, the operator decided to expand their services to provide an amazing betting experience to the bettors.

To provide its services in different countries, Parimatch launched its website in 2000. The good news is that the operator has recently opened its doors for Indian players. Hence, if you are looking for the best operator to place bets on your favorite sports, Parimatch is the right place for you.

Why Parimatch?

According to us, Parimatch is a great platform for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or carry a huge experience in betting, you can easily locate and enjoy every service provided by Parimatch. There are the following reasons due to which Parimatch enjoys huge popularity among punters and bettors.  

Unique Interface

As you enter the official website of Parimatch, you will notice that the layout and format of placing things on this site are different from other betting websites. The best part is that you won’t see any flying banners and moving objects on your screen.

Parimatch – Best Cricket Betting Platform

If you want to wager your money on major and minor cricket tournaments, Parimatch is the right place where you should be. The bookmaker offers hundreds of markets on different formats of the game, including Indian Premier League (IPL), Test, One Day International, etc.

The good news for cricket lover is that the operator offers you special cricket bonus Parimatch through which you can enjoy some extra money while wagering your amount on favorite team or player.

Free Sports Live Streaming

If you are one of those who love to place a bet on cricket and the watch match at the same time, you are missing great fun if you don’t have a verified account on Parimatch. It is one of the few websites that offer live streaming of different sports events.

An Amazing Selection of Virtual Sports

When it comes to virtual sports, the operator offers an amazing selection of betting options. Whether you are a football fan or prefer to try your luck on cricket matches, you can bet on different kinds of virtual horse racing, virtual football, virtual cricket, virtual golf, etc., on Parimatch.

About Cricket

While there are many reasons why you should create an account on Parimatch, we have mentioned a few reasons above.

Cricket is not only a popular game in India but also a team sport for the elite across the globe. Now that the Indian Premier League is coming soon, more than two billion people are holding their breaths and preparing themselves to welcome IPL 2021.

You should know that cricket is not an elite sport as its birth was unobtrusive. About three and half centuries ago, somewhere in the meadows of England, shepherds invented the game to kill by pushing a ball around the field.

It should also be noted that in the original version of the game, important props were made of stones, simple branches, and a shepherd’s cane. Over time, entertainment became a pretext for competition, equipped with etiquette, overgrown with rules, and other things did the sport for a niche population.

How to Wager Your Money on Cricket through Parimatch?

India is a country where cricket is considered as a religion and its players as gods. Indian residents love this game to such an extent that the original sports, Hockey, developed in India, losing its popularity day by day. Due to nationwide craziness for the game, it is not surprising that around 80% of global cricket revenue is generated from India.

How to place bets on Cricket on Parimatch?

How to bet on Parimatch?

Wagering your money on cricket matches on Parimatch is easy and quick. Whether you want to place your bets on cricket or looking for other sports to bet on, you can invest your money in any sports by following the steps given below.


Step 1. Login

Log into your Parimatch account by using your username and password

parimatch mobile main page.

Step 2. Select a match

Select the match or game that you would like to bet on

select an event on parimatch.

Step 3. type of bet

Choose the type of bet that suits you

choose the bet type.

Step 4. Place Bet

Enter your bet amount and click on the ‘Place Bet’ button

parimatch bet button.

By following the steps given below, you can wager your money on any sports, including cricket and football. You can easily make quick cash by using your betting skills on Parimatch, as it is one of the best websites of which offer you competitive bets.

You should know that the best odds enhance the chance of winning. Hence, Parimatch is the right platform for the bettors looking forward to making maximum cash from the Indian Premier League 2021 and World Cup.

Rules of the Game

There is no doubt that you can make a quick and large stack of cash by wagering your amount on cricket matches. Before trying your luck on cricket, you should know every rule of the game. Two teams of eleven players each play against each other.

As a bowler, one of them throws the ball towards the goal that is three vertical posts known as a wicket. The rival batsman prevents the target from being hit. The batsman tries to hit the ball with a bat, and opponents located on the field, known as fielders, grab the ball and try to hit the wicket.

Fielders swap their places to make sure to prevent the ball from hitting the boundary (4s and 6s). When the batsman hits the ball, he also swaps his place with his teammate standing next to the bowler. One swap place is one point equals to one run.

Batsman and his team get four runs if he hit out of bounds, but when the ball out of bounds without touching the ground, it will be six runs. The blower’s team’s goal is to eliminate all the rival batsmen in the least number of throws, and there are many ways to eliminate them.

The fielders can put off a batsman by catching the bouncing ball before touching the ground and hitting the wicket before the batsman reaches his mark. The team that scores the most runs wins against the other team. The playing field of cricket is oval and can have various dimensions. Please keep in mind that every cricket ground has a circumference of 200m.

The ball is made up of cork and covered with leather with seams and weighs about 280 grams. The match is judged by two referees known as umpires, but these two umpires approach the third umpire for the solution in complicated situations.

The craze of cricket in India and neighboring countries is next level. However, gambling and betting are illegal in India, but according to a report, around $350 million of bets are placed daily on the occasion of the World Cup series.

Many types of cricket formats can easily make a layman feeling dizzy. Hence, it is difficult to understand all the formats, rules, and exceptions. But, if you are looking forward to making maximum profits, we recommend placing your bets on the Indian Premier League (IPL).


Does Parimatch accept Indian National Rupees?

There is no doubt that Parimatch is a Ukrainian brand, but it has recently opened its doors for Indian users. Hence, Parimatch India accepts Indian National Rupees as deposits, and you can also withdraw your winnings in the form of INR.

Is Parimatch legal in India?

Parimatch keeps multiple valid licenses to provide its services in many countries, including India. Hence, you don’t need to worry about getting arrested by the authorities while enjoying cricket betting on Parimatch.

What is System Bet on Parimatch?

The system is the sum of parlays of a certain size. System winnings are calculated as the sum of winning parlays that are included in the system. “2 of 3” means that the bet is for three events, which are combined into parlays with two events in each.

How do I withdraw money from Parimatch?

To withdraw your money, you need to login into your account and go to the ‘Withdrawal’ section. Please keep a note that it is important to check the terms and fees before withdrawing your winnings to your bank or digital wallets.