Horse Racing Betting at Parimatch

Horse racing and betting on it have been a very old tradition, it was started in the 1600s in the reign of King James I. It is a type of betting in which you bet on the horse and you can win a lot of money. You need to understand the strategy before betting, it’s not that a horse that comes first only wins the bet, sometimes second or third one also wins the bet. 

It is a legal betting sport in the USA since 2018, people are defined by class through horse betting, the US has allowed betting on the apps and the websites. Parimatch is the best website to bet on. 

You need to understand the strategy

Straight Bets: Straight bets mean directly wagering on the horse towards the winning of the horse, if it comes second that means you lost the bet. It’s on you to wager on the horse for first, second, or third. So if you have paid for the horse, the amount will be paid for the same horse. There are basic bets like 

  • Win: you place a bet on a horse and win if it comes in the first place.
  • Place:  you can win if the horse wins or comes second
  • Show: you can win if the horse wins or comes second or comes third

Exotic Wagers: exotic itself defines something fancy, these types of bets are harder to win but you get a lot more than the straight bets. Exotic bets are of 2 types: Horizontal Exotic Bet and Vertical Exotic Bet.

The 3 main horse racing wager types.

Horizontal Exotic Bet: there is a Daily Double in which you choose the winner of two races simultaneously. Pick 3 is three race Parlay in which you pick the winner of three races in a row, in pick 4 where you have to select the winner of four races in a row, in pick 5 five in a row and pick 6 is six in a row. 

Vertical Exotic Bet: there is Straight Exacta in which you choose the one who will finish first and the one who will finish the second in the race. Then there is Straight Trifecta wherein you choose the first, second, and third in the row, next is Straight Superfecta in which the first four are selected in a row.

Boxing Exotic Bets: there is one alternative in betting that is boxing in which you are allowed to pick the horse in perfect order, then this order has to win. For example, you pick horse 1 to come first, 7th horse to come second and 5th one to be third. Then it should be followed in the same order and should win in the same order. 

These types of bets need a certain strategy and you have to be very active-minded for these. Always keep the note on which horse you have bet on. Budget is the most important thing, choose your budget before betting. You will gain knowledge and experience by the time you keep practicing.

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