Basketball Betting at Parimatch

Basketball is one of the most popular sports not only in India but all over the world. Various basketball competitions are held in India, for example, Don Bosco Invitational Tournament, National Championship and Federation Cup. And this is not the whole list. This game is played by everyone, from schoolchildren to adult professionals. And this is not surprising, firstly, it is a rather dynamic and addictive game, playing and watching which you are unlikely to get bored.

You can have fun watching the game. You can also make good money on this game by placing bets. Due to such popularity, many bookmakers offer a wide range of bets on this sport and Parimatch is no exception. But before you place your bets, you need to find out what types of bets exist, what rules you need to follow in order to increase your chances of winning. How to spend time with value and make money with a high-quality and reliable Parimatch club, we will tell you in our article.

Parimatch performs high-quality basketball betting by providing Indian players with:

  • High odds;
  • The wide list that allows you to place bets on different outcomes;
  • The ability to bet on basketball in live mode;
  • Not inflated margin;
  • The presence of bonuses, promotions;

Moreover, Parimatch developed its unique mobile app, which is available both on iOS and Android platforms. It has a great design and allows Parimatch users to make bets while on the go. With the Parimatch app, you also can watch sports live streams.

We also would like to notice our 100% welcome bonus to the first deposit for new players. Welcome bonus calculates automatically while the user makes his first deposit and might be up to Rs. 8,000 Basketball betting is prevalent, so it is not difficult to find events in the Parimatch feed. Competitions run almost without a break, which allows you to immerse yourself in statistics and place bets regularly. Parimatch offers its users the opportunity to make live bets and recommends its users to stick to a strategy and not make impulsive bets in live, as live betting in basketball is characterized by an increased risk

Types of basketball bet

First of all, you need to understand what types of bets exist in order to then choose those bets that suit you. Therefore, we have prepared for you a small list of the most common types of bets.

Traditionally, basketball has a wide range of bets that are well known in other sports.

Outcome betting. Here you need to guess the result of the match. Most often, bookmakers offer to bet on one or the other team to win. Sometimes a third option is provided – winning in overtime. The odds for the leader’s victory are usually low, making you look for luck in the handicap game.

Handicap betting. Some of the most popular in basketball. The player needs to guess the outcome taking into account the handicap, which can be less or more. So, if you put a handicap of +7.5, to win, you need your team to lose no more than 7 points.

Basketball total betting. A widespread bet that suggests betting over or under. The classic variant in basketball is the total of the total points of both teams in a match. Parimatch offers to try your luck in totals on the number of points scored, three-point and two-point shots, fouls, free throws. Indicators can be taken for the entire match or differentiated by quarters. Players can also place a bet on the individual total. In this case, personal scores are taken as a basis – points, playing time, fouls, the number of accurate long-range shots or free throws.

Bets on overcoming the playoff stage. Accepted during NBA elimination matches, national championships, Euroleague, world and European championships. Similarly, you can bet on the winner of the tournament.

Quarter comparison bets. In this case, standard indicators are considered – points, fouls, free throws, three-pointers. The player needs to guess at which segment these values ​​will be higher in comparison with other quarters. In this case, the indicators can relate to one team or both at once.

Game comparison bets. For this, a couple of teams are taken, which are equal in terms of skill level, playing in the same round of a tournament. The player needs to guess which of them will have the best point difference at the end of their meeting.

Live bets. As all bookmakers, Parimatch traditionally accepts many online bets, but you should always remember that they are quite risky. In basketball, the game’s course can suddenly turn 180 degrees and a team lagging 5 minutes behind can win back a 15-point handicap by going forward. Basketball betting can be successful if you consider all the nuances, carefully study statistics and be aware of the state of individual basketball players and their teams. But don’t forget that this is just a game.

How to bet on basketball at Parimatch

As already mentioned, first you need to figure out what types of bets are, above you can study this.

Also, it would be great to read some tips on how to place your bets correctly. You will also read this in our article below.

How to place bet on basketball

And then everything is simple. You just need to follow a few simple steps:


Login or Sign Up

Register on the club’s website.

parimatch mobile main page.

Make a deposit

Top up your account.

List of basketball events on parimatch.

Choose an event

Select an event and the type of a bet, enter the amount

place a basketball bet on parimatch.

The website will display tips on how to complete this or that step. In case of problems, you can always contact support. As you can see, everything is very simple!

Tips on how to place bets

The most important tip is to learn the rules of the basketball game. There is no point in betting on any sport if you don’t understand it. Therefore, study the rules of the game so that you know what is the essence. It is easier to place bets and win if you know how to play.

The next rule is to wisely distribute your bankroll. Pay attention to different matches, games, teams, or even sports. It may be easier to predict the outcome in another sport or in another match. You shouldn’t bet everything you have on one game.

Be adequate. Before placing bets, it is best not to consume too much alcohol. In a sober state, people are better at thinking and making decisions more intelligently.

Explore the various factors that can affect the outcome of a match. To do this, study the statistics of how this or that team played before, pay attention to the presence or absence of any players. For example, if one of the strongest players has recently been injured, then the chances of this team winning are lower. In general, read the news regarding the team or match you are planning to bet on and note what factors may affect the outcome. You shouldn’t bet very often. It is better to spend time on analysis and preparation and bet less often, but these efforts will pay off, than to bet often and lose without studying the information.


As you already understood, basketball is really very popular all over the world, and in India basketball is one of the most widespread sports that everyone plays. It is interesting to play this game, it is interesting to watch this game, and there is also an opportunity to make money by placing bets. In addition, you must agree that watching the game is much more exciting when you place your bets, if only because the excitement and risk are higher. But there are some nuances to consider when placing your bets.

First, you need to find a quality, reliable bookmaker that is legal in India. If you are looking for such a bookmaker, then this is Parimatch. This club has proven its reliability over many years of service. Another nuance is the presence of some rules that should be adhered to when making bets. But if you read our article, then you have already realized that these rules are quite simple and if you follow them, you will get your first win quickly enough. So, follow the game with pleasure and benefit with Parimatch.