Parimatch Badminton betting

There are many popular racquet sports out there. Badminton is one of the top ranking popular racquet games of the genre. Although online betting badminton is relatively a new phenomenon, it is deemed that Badminton has been played around for more than 2000 years. During this time Badminton has changed both as a name and a game. The structure wasn’t always like this. It has changed significantly over time. The version that we are most today was formed in British-India. Online badminton betting was still an unknown phenomenon back then.

Importance of Badminton on Parimatch

Parimatch sports betting has been a common feature of the betting industry. And with a plethora of sports in their arsenal, Parimatch is a great place for Badminton betting. Online betting badminton is now one of the best cash-grabbers within Parimatch’s roster. They have all the necessary categories to bet on badminton freely.

They cover these badminton betting through tournaments and all the occasions that are possible in online betting Badminton and other sports as well. Along with that, they also provide customary badminton betting tips. Parimatch is online betting badminton at its ultimate best.

Badminton Online Betting

Online betting is one of the greatest fruits of life. Sitting in the home, watching one’s passionate sport and earning money from it is as sweet as it sounds. That’s why for the Badminton loving gamblers, there are many different options online for online badminton betting, such as Betway, Dafabet etc. But Parimatch’s online betting badminton stays ahead of the curve, when it comes to pure badminton betting. It is one of the greatest platforms to do so. There are many perks of online badminton betting on Parimatch. Free features, bonuses and free Rupees on offer for Indian badminton bettors.

Best Badminton Leagues and Tournaments to Bet on

Badminton as a global sport has made its impact all over the world. The best bets derived from it can be found online. The punters are always looking for the best tournament to bet on. Online betting badminton has no shortage of tournaments for the punters to choose from. Parimatch online sports betting covers all of the major Badminton tournaments held worldwide. Online betting badminton is now easier than ever with Parimatch.

Olympic Games

One of the most participated tournaments of Badminton is held in the Badminton Olympic games, making it one of the most anticipated events for anyone interested in online betting badminton. You can win a lot of money doing online badminton betting on this tournament.

  • Badminton World Federation (BWF) organizes this tournament.
  • In the court of the olympic, Badminton has been played by 69 countries. Online betting badminton is available from all of them.
  • Among the participated teams till date, 19 countries had the privilege of participating 7 times.
  • In the Munich Olympics of 1972, Badminton was first considered as an official sport.
  • Betting-friendly badminton tournament.
  • The tournament is set by the rule of knockout. Even better for online betting badminton.
  • The teams have to play 3 games for each match. More games, more badminton betting.
  • The winner is the player that scores 30 points first.

BWF World Championships

Held every once in every three years, this remarkable tournament is the place for the punters for online betting Badminton.

  • They started their journey in 1977.
  • BWF World Championships winner is crowned as a the “World Champions”
  • The winner of the tournament doesn’t get any money for winning it.
  • The prize of the Badminton tournament is points for the rankings. Another juice for online betting badminton.
  • The tournament’s structure is suited to badminton betting.
  • The time distance is 3 years between the tournaments to be held.
  • It was first named as the IBF World Championships.

World Junior Championship

Betting is all about the future of the game. The World Junior Championship is also about that. The sports persons are the future of the game. World Junior Championships is the world tournament for the Badminton players who are under the age of 19. It gives the players an early start to the taste of victory and mind numbing competition. That’s why it has grown its relevance as one of the top tournaments for Badminton betting.

BWF Badminton World Tour

World’s best singles and doubles badminton players come together in this grand badminton event, which is also an online betting badminton extravaganza for badminton and gambling fans. It’s an open tournament and is taken part in by the top-ranked badminton athletes from all around the world. The Grade 2 Tournament Series, which was originally created to supersede the BWF SUper Series, has 6 different levels of operation:

  1. The Super 1000 Level,
  2. The Super 750 Level,
  3. The Super 500 Level,
  4. The Super 300 Level,
  5. BWF World Tour Finals.

Online betting badminton is available for all of these levels. Free badminton betting tips on this tournament are also available on Parimatch. The competition is very popular in India as well.

Sudirman Cup

Held once in every two years, the Sudirman Cup is one of the most betted-on badminton tournaments. Badminton betting doesn’t get any better, as the tournament is played in a very betting-friendly format, with each fixture involving five games between two sides. Lots of places for badminton betting. There are also different categories of participation available such as:

  • Men’s Doubles,
  • Women’s Doubles,
  • Mixed Doubles,
  • Men’s Singles, and
  • Women’s Singles.

The popular badminton betting extravaganza was named after the legendary former Indonesian badminton player Dick Sudirman, who was also the founder of Indonesia’s prime Badminton governing body, the Badminton Association of Indonesia (PBSI). A little history always warms you up for intense online betting badminton sessions.

Thomas & Uber Badminton Cup

This is one of the oldest badminton tournaments currently operating and a great tournament for online badminton betting. Lots of people do badminton betting on this competition, and the stats are staggering. There were separate tournaments in the beginning, though. The Thomas & Uber Badminton Cup is quite the deal for anyone who’s interested in online betting badminton at present.

The Thomas Cup was first coined in 1948, when it was only played by men. With the Uber Cup, women also came into its frame in 1956. BWF, though, had a major reshape in 1984, and the authority thought it reasonable to conduct both the men’s and women’s tournament at the same time. Right then, it became the Thomas & Uber Cup. Since then, only five nations have managed to win the competition till date:

  • China
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Japan
  • Denmark

Online betting badminton is at its best in this competition, as there are clear favourites for each match. Any slip-up from the favourites might turn the tables of badminton betting here. Which one of them are YOU betting on?

100% First Deposit Bonus on Parimatch Badminton

There are multiple bonuses all over Parimatch for all the sport. That’s not news now, is it? The question is what does Parimatch have for its clients who want to bet on Badminton. Online Badminton betting using the Parimatch Sports is great for these bonuses. Free money on offer. If you are from India, there’s good news for you as well. You can make transactions in Rupees.

  • Anyone (over the age of 18) can register on Parimatch, and apply for this bonus.
  • All you have to do is to enter your valid information, and you are good to go for the badminton betting bonus.
  • After the registration, you deposit up to 2500 Rubles (Almost 2500 Rupees) and get a 100% bonus on it.
  • You’ll have to use it up within 7 days of the registration.
  • The wagering requirements: 10 times.
  • Minimum odds: 1.50.

Follow this procedure, claim your 100% bonus on Parimatch badminton betting, and withdraw it using your preferred banking method. You can also get free badminton betting tips on Parimatch India website.

Badminton’s Popularity in India

Badminton is one of the most celebrated games in India. The winter season in the sub-continent, as a whole, is a bonanza of intense badminton action. One of Indian’s hottest athletes, Saina Nehwal, was named the no.1 badminton player in the year of 2015, much to the joy of the millions of badminton lovers in the country.

With the popularity of the game at its peak, the online badminton betting in India is also on the rise. Badminton betting is easy and accessible for anyone, and with the growing popularity of Parimatch in India, badminton betting is made simpler and easier than ever before in India. Parimatch badminton betting is the place where Indian badminton lovers can win some money, as well as pride. Indian bettors can also bet using their own currency (Rupees).

Parimatch Badminton Betting Tips

With the game of badminton, one thing is for sure, that there will be options for both the teams/players to bounce back, even at the last point of the match. Although that’s good for the game’s intensity, that’s a bad news for online badminton bettors. That’s where Parimatch comes in again, to provide the best of free badminton betting tips. With badminton betting on Parimatch, the following are the best tips you’re ever gonna get:

  • Researching: On each team, each player, each coach and their past stats. Most of the time, you can get the info free of charge.
  • Read the game: Know more about the game of badminton and how it works.
  • Go against the trend “sometimes”: Bet on the underdog, bet against the favorites, bet against the run of play etc. One of the most unique and effective online badminton tactics.
  • Rules: Keep in mind the rules of a specific tournament. They seem to differ from one to another. This might save you some money, and win you much.
  • Don’t go for emotion: While doing online badminton betting, don’t ever go with your emotions, in betting for your favorite player or country.

With all these badminton betting tips and more, you can surely shine with your badminton betting ventures on Parimatch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Badminton Betting

What is the difference between online and offline badminton betting?

While offline versions of badminton betting offer some extra adrenaline, as they are played with people in a room or in the actual venue of the matchup, online badminton betting can be done from the comfort of your home. There’s also a better information stream in online badminton betting, while offline badminton betting is more instinctive.

Is it safe to do online badminton betting?

Nowadays, with every other betting site introducing badminton betting, your information and money is safe with them. The best sites are all licensed in most parts of the world and have bigger player bases than many individual sports do. These websites are, more often than not, SSL-encrypted and safe to use.

Can online badminton betting be done in India?

Badminton is one of the major sports in India, alongside cricket, football and hockey. Although badminton betting is not a common phenomena among Indian betting enthusiasts, online badminton betting is also available in India and is gaining in popularity everyday. And what could be a better example than Parimatch? Parimatch, according to many, provides the best badminton betting experience in the country. The others are also not far behind.

Is Parimatch a good choice for badminton betting?

Parimatch is a safe haven for all kinds of betting. It also has pretty much all the necessary features for safe and satisfactory online badminton betting. It is also supported and certified in India, so no worries if you are from India as well.