Deposits and Withdrawals in Parimatch

Parimatch is an international online gambling site where people from all corners of the earth come and bet their money on games and esports. Since gambling and betting are related to this website, questions about deposits and Withdrawals always hit first. Before going any further discussion about monetary transactions, there is one thing to mention. That is the security of the server. Users must have confusion about the safety of their money and personal information. So, with Parimatch you can be tension free on the matter of security.

The users of Android and iOS both can have the fun of this betting website if they are using this site on their mobile. Parimatch has updated its policies on deposits and Withdrawals. They have added lots of changes in conditions on which the transactions will happen. Due to being an international online casino, the facility of deposits and withdrawals can be done by Skrill, credit card, debit card, Advcash, Webmoney, and other well-known transaction methods are available here. Let see what are the methods of doing deposit and withdrawal in Parimatch.

Deposit Process

Deposit Process

The rare facility which is given by this site is, you can bet with minimal amounts. Though there is a limit of depositing money on their website and country-wise it is different but still, the amount is too low to hamper your wallet. Let’s talk about their new updates. It often happens that the player who is playing a game against someone and losing constantly, after a certain time the player can understand his fault and wants to try again. In case, when he gets his mistake it’s too late and he loses all his deposits. For that situation, Parimatch has enabled the process of instant recharge to your account. The method of depositing money is –

  1. Create your profile at Parimatch and if it exists, then do login.
  2. At the top corner, you can see the deposit option.
  3. After clicking the deposit button you will be asked to fill the payment procedure.
  4. After choosing the process, do access your transactions or OTP whatever process is related.
  5. If it is done successfully then your balance will be shown in your account.

Withdrawal Process

According to new laws, you have to pass through a checking procedure of checking the passport and your payment methods if the amount is too high. The process of withdrawing is-

  1. Go to your account and visit cash section
  2. Click on the withdrawal button and fill your account number or other cash withdrawal method in which you are suitable.
  3. You may be asked for verification of the amount is high, do it. 
  4. If the process is successful then a notification will be directed to you through mail and message.

All types of currencies are allowed here even Indian rupees also. But special permission is needed to make this happen. All the information is given in the cash section. If you still have any doubts or facing problems regarding deposit and withdrawal then a live chat facility is available there also.

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