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StarCraft 2 is a real-time strategy game made by Blizzard Entertainment. It has a science fiction theme with the premise of humans being exiled (Terrans) versus a super aliens race called Protoss. This is one of the longest-running e-sports games since 2010, but it still maintains high popularity levels.

Unlike many other esports, StarCraft 2 is one-on-one, which means that you’re directly rooting for a single player when you’re rooting to win. This could mean that StarCraft


The objectives of the game are the same for all players. To be successful, the player must build a base with several units around hubs, which are deposits of minerals and gas. Players extract minerals and vespene gas to use in training their army and building more technologically advanced units.

The ultimate goal is to use your units to destroy your enemy’s base and units while maintaining your own base’s defense. Although the game can currently be played between teams of players, competitive matches are usually heads-up – that is, one player versus another player.

StarCraft 2 brings back the three races present in the original game. Each of them has its own characteristics and unique style of play. Depending on which one you are currently playing with, you will have options for different units and buildings at your disposal. Players can choose one to master, or play with all three.

Parimatch Starcraft 2 betting

Parimatch starcraft 2 bets.

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StarCraft 2 betting types

Parimatch offers betting markets at major StarCraft 2 tournaments, such as the WCC (World Championship Series), StarCraft 2 Corsair Cup, StarCraft 2 Corsair Cup, StarCraft Star League, and finals world championships in the SC2 world championship. Most betting types are easily understandable for beginners to online sports betting and do not require intimate knowledge of all possible outcomes in the medium high-level match with StarCraft 2.

There are types of SC2 betting listed below, we show the types of bets you can place on SC2 esports, based on the available markets offered by the most revised e-sports betting sites.

What do I need to know before I bet?

Starcraft 2 useful betting tips.

We do not recommend placing a bet if you do not understand the e-sport or sport you are betting on. Parimatch encourages conscientious betting, which should only be done when you understand the expected risks, know the game in question, and have enough information to form a guess about the outcome.

In the case of StarCraft 2, it can be a little more complicated to inform yourself about the players, events, and matches. The game is not widespread in India (compared to other e-sports and traditional sports), which is reflected in the amount of content produced and published about it. With traditional sports, such as football, and more widespread e-sports, such as League of Legends, the amount of information, data, and statistics you find on the internet can greatly facilitate your bets. It is not for nothing that bettors carry out their research every day and keep themselves informed about the championships. This small action means, in most cases, the difference between a winning bet and a losing bet.