League of Legends: Everything you want to know about the game

Bets on League of Legends on Parimatch.

Understanding the game

League of Legends is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) strategy co-op game in which two teams of 5 players battle each other in an attempt to destroy an enemy base. The game was developed in October 2009 by Riot Games and is available on a free-to-play basis. According to the developers, the monthly audience of the game is 100 million players around the world.

The plot of the game takes place in a fantastic dimension called Runeterra. The main characters are called champions, and they are chosen by the players.

In addition to dozens of local tournaments, on each of which bookmakers accept bets, the League of Legends World Championship has been held since 2011, for which the winners of the summer splits of the main professional leagues receive a ticket.

LoL is now one of the five most popular esports disciplines. The game stands out for graphics, active gameplay and a variety of characters, each of which has not only individual class abilities, but also a detailed story. This is one of the reasons players place their bets on LoL at bookmakers and eSports exchanges.

Major League of Legends teams and tournaments

Worlds - the major tournament at LOL.

The League of Legends World Championship is the most prestigious LoL tournament and includes the top three teams from all major regions. This is one of the most challenging tournaments to win. But for the winner, it’s worth it, as the cash prize is about $ 4 million. Rift Rivals is a new tournament that is very exciting to follow. The top teams in the spring division are invited to play against their fiercest rivals.

Betting on LoL matches

Sports betting is fantastic as there are so many results that you can put your money away. For example, when betting on LoL, you can bet on who you think will win the tournament or the map, which region the winning team will come from, or which round of a team will be eliminated. You can also bet on whether the total deaths will be odd or even and other bets, such as who will make the first death.

Parimatch eSports betting

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League of Legends betting types

When you access the Parimatch website and check out a match between two League of Legends teams, you will see some traditional markets, such as the winner, where you will need to find out which team will win at the end of the match. But there are also other options for you to place your bet, such as:

Each market takes into account a game metric. And some bookmakers allow you to place combined bets. That is, that you combine one more guess and, if you get all your bets right, profit from even more exciting odds than if you made a simple bet, for example. Easy, everything can seem complicated, but it is not. A simple bet is when you bet on only one event. Combined bets take into account a selection of multiple events to bet on. There are advantages and disadvantages to each option, but that is the subject of another article.