CS GO among eSports

CS:GO bets on Parimatch.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a well-known online team shooting game in which, in history, a special forces team tries to neutralize a team of terrorists. The game is popular around the world and has a large number of fans.

Today it is also an electronic sports discipline. This means that tournaments are held, in which players fight for impressive titles and rewards. For example, the total prize pool for major tournaments is $ 1 million. A serious amount, but for electronic sports this is not the limit.

As you can see, eSports is a lot of money. Therefore, it is not surprising that bookmakers and punters have not ignored CS GO.

E-sports betting is a serious trade and a source of income for many people who risk their money trying to profit. Every person who bets on e-sports certainly thought about how to increase the percentage of successful bets.

Parimatch CS:GO betting

Parimatch goes toe to toe with all top bookies and offers eSport betting which includes betting on such eSports like Dota 2, CS:GO, League of Legends, FIFA, PUBG and others. Putting much effort to satisfy the customers demand, Parimatch developed its unique mobile application that is available both on Android and iOS platforms. To bet with Parimatch you need to create your Parimatch account. Follow our instructions to complete your registration:

The registration process with Parimatch application is not much different. You can download its app on Parimatch official website. Just tap on the download button.

Parimatch welcome bonus for CS:GO bettors

Parimatch cs:go gifts and bonuses.

Parimatch offers its users a 100% bonus to the first deposit. The bonus might be up to Rs. 8000 and it’s necessary to complete the registration and verification processes mentioned above. Also, users need to make their first deposit. Parimatch offers a large selection of deposit methods including:

How to make predictions for CS GO?

To make accurate predictions for CS GO matches, you need to collect as much information and statistics as possible and then get involved in their analysis. It is important to consider the following factors:

To make betting predictions on CS:GO, in addition to these factors, it is also worth considering the psychological and physical condition of the players. Sportsmen are also people, and the human factor cannot be denied. Bad mood, family problems, illness, or fatigue after the flight – any of these moments can be a cruel joke and reduce the chances of victory. It is best to collect all available information, including e-sportsmen entries from your social networks. The correct and complete analysis will allow you to become a professional in the field of electronic sports betting and increase the accuracy of CS GO forecasts.

Importance of Parimatch in CS:GO betting.

CS:GO betting tips by sport-parimatch.com

As it was mentioned above, the Parimatch team does its best to be one of the best online betting sites for CS:GO bettors. Parimatch includes its own app which is developed to allow Parimatch users to bet while on the go, live odds and live streams, a large selection of deposit and withdraw methods, and more. Besides, Parimatch has become a partner of the next EPICENTER Counter-Strike: Global Series event. Plus recently, it has partnered with ESforce Holding, the parent company of EPICENTER, to launch its own Dota 2 league.